One who looks outside dreams.
One who looks inside awakes.
— Carl Jung



Well you know about the companies already, so I won’t go through that again. Here’s a little more:

I’m mixed race (black//white), grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon, live in Portland now. Very into longevity body hacking and have committed to a full-time Intermittent Fasting (16/8) + Keto way of living (with an occasional timeout for a glass of wine at dinner or a delicious glass of E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey). If you’re not a whiskey drinker, neither was I until I was introduced to Colonel Taylor. Trust me.

I practice Transcendental Meditation daily and mix in the occasional Vipassana based on feel. I stretch on an inversion table 10-20 minutes a day and take a pretty healthy regimen of supplements to pair with my Keto food intake which I have been told is a little excessive. I’m waiting on the delivery of my Oura Ring and just sent my 23andMe Health + Ancestry Sample in for testing. I fully plan to take the genetic data and run it through Promethease to get a full DNA profile (UPDATE: the results are in and the blog post is up).

AirPods or Beats Studio 3s are in/on my ears constantly either listening to Spotify or one of my favorite podcasts: The Kevin Rose Show, The Peter Attia Drive, Making Sense with Sam Harris or any of The Action Network pods for the sports gambling fix. Can’t think of anything else, but will drop some thoughts on the blog if I do.

Thanks for coming by, reach out anytime to connect. And details about Guest Speaking Inquiries can be found here.